It may be that you are not ready to commit to an Image Plan at this point. Perhaps you have an urgent one-off requirement, or you would like to just dip your toe in the water. In that case we are happy to work with you on the basis of our A la Carte Menu. For complete simplicity and flexibility photography services can be paid for with CBZ Photo Credits. These may be purchased in various value packages.


All our prices are exclusive of VAT.

2 Hour Photoshoot | £300 or 3 Credits

Two hours is a reasonable amount of time to capture about a dozen images of some products, activities or facilities. Of course, as with all our photoshoots, the price includes the post processing work to create clean, publish ready images.


Half Day Photoshoot | £412.50 or 3.5 Credits

Suitable for many shorter events such as a party or presentation.


Full Day Photoshoot | £750 or 6 Credits

Suitable for a more major event or comprehensive facilities photography


Drone Shoot (Aerial Photography) | £480 or 4 Credits

Stills or Video - Get a new perspective on your facilities. Can be combined with regular ground based photography.


Product Photography | £300 or 3 credits

2 hour Product Photoshoot covering 8 products


Social Media Video | £300 or 3 credits

Energised 60 to 90 second video for Social Media


Value Pack

£2,100, £3,800 or £5,200 for 20, 40 or 60 credits

CBZ Photo Credits for a project at a discount.