If you cut Hannah (just a tiny bit), she would bleed travel and photography. And then she would apologise for bleeding on your shirt. Her entire life, Hannah has loved traversing the globe, visiting new places and returning to previous destinations, always with her trusty camera in hand. She quickly developed an attention to detail that baffles most people, and has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure she’s captured the perfect image. If she hasn’t found the thing that makes it ‘pop’, she will keep going. Despite a love of landscape work, she very much slid (possibly down a large hill) into commercial photography, and has loved every day of it.

Within CBZ, Hannah is the ‘eyes’. She is all about finding new ways to frame products, spaces and subjects, and it’s above climbing on top of cabinets or crawling under tables just to get the perfect angle for a shot. She’s also much more interested in testing out new equipment and creating new images than she is in how it works – that’s Peters area! Instead she jumps in with both feet, using her keen creative eye to come up with new ways to frame even the most dry subjects.

For Hannah, CBZ is all about being able to bring a fresh perspective into commercial photography. While she loves the luxury items most (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t), she enjoys capturing high quality, inspirational images that tell the stories behind the products, rather than just showing what they look like.

Ask Hannah…


Favourite landscape location: Honestly there are too many to choose from! But if pushed I’d have to go with Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland. Possibly one of my luckiest captures… a hair-raising drive, chasing the last light, followed by a speed hike up a mud slide carrying 15 kg worth of kit. It is an iconic Icelandic shot so nothing short of ‘wow’ would do.

Strangest item photographed: Call buttons. Didn’t even know what they were until I was asked to shoot them. Now I want them all over my house. But who would respond? Probably no one!

Proudest moment in photography: Calling CBZ Photo mine (and Peter’s of course), and being able to send people to the ‘Our Work’ section, which just keeps getting better.

Furthest gone to get the 'perfect shot': Everything from 4 am wake-ups, 30 thousand step days, laying on burning Arizonan red rocks, driving thousands of kilometres, and bum sliding a sheer rock face that was too steep to stay upright on.

Wouldn't be found without: My lip balm. I can’t go anywhere without it. Consequently, I have the biggest collection known to man but I can never find it. Luckily my trusty business partner carries a set of essentials for me (it’s a much better option than me moaning all day), including lip balm, Gaviscon, tissues and hand moisturiser. He is a legend.