If you haven't had the chance to read about our Image Plans yet, full details can be found here!

CBZ Photo Image Plans are built to meet this need; and here is how they can benefit you as a Marketing or Social Media Agency. If your client has an Image Plan...

  • Your campaigns will be more successful, as quality and relevant photography will capture more online attention
  • Your workflow will be more efficient, as you will spend less time acquiring images and searching stock libraries
  • You and your clients will be able to budget more easily as the plans are based on consistent monthly instalments
  • Contracting for photography is easier as all activity for the year is covered. This also means that you don't have to brief different companies and photographers on the clients style, brand etc.
  • All plans have a built-in discount in recognition of the annual commitment
  • Plans can flex throughout the year to match your customer's activity including: product, events, facilities and everything in between. The sky's the limit!
  • You can sell an Image Plan as added value to your existing services or recommend us directly to your customer if you prefer not to be involved with the photography contract. Either way you will benefit from the bank of images created.



We would love to hear your thoughts on collaborating with us to make your life easier by providing you with the images you need, to give your customers that unique edge. It all starts with a sit-down and chat so please call us on 0118 437 9250 or email at info@cbzphoto.com.