Would you like a Special Christmas CBZ Image Plan Taster?


Ready for a special offer Taster for a CBZ Photo Image Plan?

We have had a great reception for our Image Plans, but we understand that committing to a full year might seem a large bite to swallow for some businesses. So this Christmas we are offering a taster, to let you experience how a CBZ Photo Image Plan can help promote your business.

What is the offer and what to you get?

Our Christmas Taster, has a commitment of just three months, rather than 12, at just £65 + VAT per month. For this you will get two photo-shoots, the post processing that goes with them, and a commercial licence for your images. 20 High Resolution Images from the two shoots would be a reasonable expectation. This will give you enough images to post each week of the taster and several to spare.

What happens if you like the taste?

At the end of the Taster, you have three options:

  • Continue at the same price as long as you wish, up to the end of the year.
  • Commit to a full year of the taster and receive a 10% discount.
  • Upgrade to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Image Plan and receive a 15% discount

Learn more about our CBZphoto Image Plans here. But don't wait too long. Our mince pie offer may not last into the new year.

Fuel your Social Media with a CBZ Photo Image Plan