For Peter, photography has been a life long love. Ever since he was 15 and his dad bought him his first camera, he had the bug. In fact, in his youth you could often find him at the Harland and Wolff Shipyard in Belfast shooting ship silhouettes, or tinkering in his dark room. As he got older, Peter discovered the stunning world of landscape photography, and has since spent years travelling the world, recreating those idealised memories in photographs that can be treasured forever.

Peter is known affectionately in CBZ as ‘Mr Detail’, owing to his need to read all of the manuals cover to cover (sometimes twice) before uses a new piece of kit. He puts those technical skills to good use though, and is CBZ’s go to man for editing, technical problems and understanding how to use new equipment when it comes in. While Hannah is ripping off the wrapping paper and playing with the new toys, Peter will be found pouring through the manuals.

Now, Peter loves being able to elicit that ‘wow’ reaction. Whether it’s with a gorgeous landscape scene or a set of product shots, he is dedicated to finding the image that will stand out every time. He uses the technical knowledge and skills he’s built to create unique and impactful images for businesses – and loves every second of it.

Ask Peter…

Favourite landscape location: The Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn. It’s such an iconic view both in the day and at sunset.

Number of manuals read for equipment: Seriously? I devour manuals. If you don’t read the manual, you don’t know everything the camera can do. And you need to know everything the camera can do!

Proudest moment in photography: Getting my Tower Bridge light trails image onto Google Chromecast, and then clocking up 5 Billion Views.

Hours spent in a darkroom: Maybe a couple of hundred, but not since I was a teenager processing my own B&W film and prints. I guess now there are a few hours each week spent in the Digital Darkroom!

Favourite piece of equipment: I love our 90 mm Sony Macro lens. It picks out the subject and beautifully softens the background, making everything look super cool.        

Wouldn't be found without: My phone - a Samsung Note 8. It takes behind the scenes shots and video, captures slow motion and time-lapses. It also helps me research locations for landscape shoots and a thousand other things. It even makes phone calls sometimes!