CBZ Photo is a team of digital marketing photographers. They help businesses by providing a strong online presence to fuel their digital marketing, social media campaigns and websites with authentic and creative photography, which reflects the true identity of their business, showcases their products or services, and allows them to better engage with their audiences.


There are four key areas that we believe set us apart from your average photography agency.

We are digital marketing photography specialists

That's our niche! We focus on creating authentic brand imagery to fuel our clients digital marketing campaigns to ensure our clients don’t have to use artificial stock imagery. We are passionate about helping companies reflect their identity, ethos and brand online which naturally enhances their level of online engagement through authenticity and impact. 

We are more than just photographers

Whilst our team are highly skilled photographers from a technical perspective, behind the lens they are creatives. They work with our clients to design the photos – the creative ideas, the locations, the staging, the lighting, the background, the props – we do a lot more than just point and shoot and we know what will make our clients websites and social media look fresh and exciting.

Our business model is entirely unique

We offer an affordable approach for our clients to include photography on an ongoing basis as part of their marketing with multi-level image plan options to allow our clients to pay monthly for a certain amount of photography that we will deliver throughout the year. 

Not just a one man band

As an agency, not just a single freelance photographer, we have the resource to cover bigger jobs such as events and we are reliable for our clients which is attractive, especially for larger companies.