Finding our niche in a fiercely competitive and some might say saturated market was always going to be the key to success. Just Googling 'tips for starting a photography business' is not an entirely uplifting read, I feel that a lot of photographers are struggling to make a living, and are resenting the access to the trade which has become so readily available to anyone. Mobile phone cameras become more powerful by the day and, with endless social media platforms to post on, we are inundated with images by the hour. However, never to be deterred we still believed strongly in our professional photography skills, and a gap for them in the market. We just needed a winning business plan!

I could liken our first few weeks to the explosion of colours seen on Guy Fawkes Night. We had 'brainwave' after brainwave, our website must have been re-designed at least once a week. We were to be generalists and cover all manner of genres and  thrive off the variety. It certainly wasn't a bad plan but it was going to be hard to stand out from the crowd, a realisation that I think we spent around a week pondering before we struck gold with what now is the foundation of our business.

Personally I would give credit to my genius business partner, Peter, for coming up with this wonderful idea. He, would say it was a combined effort of ideas. In truth his inspired idea probably derives from our previous experience of working with a business on an ongoing basis. Very regular shoots covering everything from product to events created a wealth of images to provide ongoing marketing material for a growing company. Due to the flexible nature of this relationship we were able to jump in and shoot whatever and whenever, sometimes small shoots and sometimes more organised pre-planned operations. 

This experience taught us such a lot about fuelling the endless social media train with images. Stock images all of a sudden looked so obvious and lacked relevance, or a personalised touch. There are too many people out there pushing so many products that you have to stand out from the crowd with your own unique style. Using quality images, which reflect your business, capture the human interest factor and ultimately will engage the customer far more than an artificial stock image.  

It was this need for regular content such as the above which got us to thinking and creating CBZ Photo Image Plans. 

Image Plans were designed with vibrant and go-forward businesses in mind. We, ourselves are adamant to maintain a fresh and active online presence to reflect our ambitions, so we know how much of a challenge it is to create images and content on a regular basis.... and we can, kind-of take photos!

So, to give you a brief overview:

  • Plans are based on a monthly subscription fee in order to spread the cost over the year
  • All plans have built in discount in recognition of the annual commitment. A very const effective way of paying for your photography compared to spending hundreds of pounds on big shoots which often hold businesses back from doing so on the regular basis which is needed. 
  • Three tiers of plan allow for different size business needs and can be tailored to an individual need 
  • Our objective is to support our customers' business with innovative and relevant images 
  • Creating an ongoing relationship between CBZ Photo and the customer's business means that we get to learn their style and brand requirements. We will be their personal photographer on call throughout the year. 

This is just a snippet of information to share this exciting new idea with you. We are delighted to have started work already with a number of businesses and can't wait to create some amazing content in the future. Whatever the line of business, we are up for any challenge. If you are interested in further information, or to scroll through one of our case studies please click on 'Image Plans' in the navigation bar above and you can see it in all it's glory. 

And just in case you are a Personal Trainer, or know one who could use some fresh content for their online marketing, we are offering a special launch offer for October only. Find out more by clicking the red announcement banner at the top of the page.