Last weekend saw the start to our 2016 party season. It was such a great way to kick things off and definitely has got us in the mood!

There is no shying away from it... your team are dressed to impress for your one guaranteed social event of the year, and besides your pressing need to dash to the bar to get the party started... your social media accounts are flashing in desperation to be updated with images of this night to remember.

To your eyes the colours are popping, sequins are dazzling and everything looks so vivid. This image is going to go viral, you think. Until of course you snap the shot with your trusty iPhone in the beautifully low lit underground bar and all you can see if a grainy blur. No Instagram filter is going to save the day this time, even the black and white option miserably fails you!

So, maybe hiring a photographer for your Christmas party seems a bit OTT, you're not that desperate to attempt a rival competition for followers with the Kardashians. But... How about kicking off the festive season with a CBZ Image Plan. We would cover your Christmas event with high quality images and you wouldn't have to worry about a thing. And this would just be the beginning, a great way to get the feel for your businesses heart and soul. Over the course of the remaining 11 months of the CBZ Image Plan we would work with you to create brand specific images throughout the year to fuel your online marketing. Product shots, further events, facilities and anything in between we would be your personal photographer on call.

CBZ Image Plans are available at different levels to cover various business demands so please contact us to have a discussion and find out more.