Working so closely with ToroPro Tape over the past 18 months has been a unique experience enabling me to really understand a business and its brand, together we have created a wide range of images to represent their product at its very best. Shoots have ranged from capturing the clean lines of their product all the way through to live athlete sessions, in all array of settings. The shoots and business alike just get better and better and certainly our most recent adventure was a special one....

The latest addition to the ToroPro image line was a very exciting one. When you're asked to capture six time Paralympic gold medalist, Dave Weir in action, you know you're in for a good day at the office :)

On this occasion I was shooting alongside the very talented DanDan Films who were creating a short promotional video of Dave for the Paralympic Games in Rio. It turned out to be quite an informal session which gave me the opportunity to shoot a more candid style of images of Dave training on the track. I find that it is always nice to capture some more natural moments during impromptu movements. The only challenge was getting a clean image in between or sometimes at the same time as filming sets - so it was down to a telephoto lens and 'stealth sniper mode' to find the gaps. It also allowed for some nice behind the scenes of Dan and Dan in action.

Working with Dave, ToroPro and DanDan Films on this project was a real pleasure and I wish Dave the very best of luck on his quest for gold in Rio. I'll be tuning in!

And as for the future, if they'll have me, there is so much to come with ToroPro. They create such an passionate energy with everything they do and it is a real privilege to be part of something so exciting.... doing what I love best. Making images! So watch this space.