I can, just about, carry an entire mobile studio lighting set-up plus camera gear in two arms. I may not be able to open any doors that stand in my way but still I'll claim it as a unique selling point. It comes in super handy when shooting in different and often unseen locations, I know exactly the kind of lighting I can create wherever I am. Although I carry the confidence with such a set-up in my mind, it doesn't look much on first glance. I'm pretty sure when I met up with Alex on Friday he was wondering how on earth this shoot was going to pan out... 

Within 15 minutes or so, between us we had transformed his flat into a mini studio; a few pieces of furniture re-positioned by him and the lighting rigs 'popped-up' by me and we were ready to create some images. 

Alex is a fitness professional and model who runs his own online business which provides people with the information and motivation they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. You can check out his CrockFit plans here or search for him on social media to see what he is all about. His content and ideas are very achievable and aim to create long-term healthy habits rather than any 'fad' diets or training ideas. 

Given that his business is predominantly based online he needs his content to be regular, fresh and true to his brand. We worked together on this shoot to provide him with some training style images which he'll be able to use across his social media channels and website. The aim was to shoot with studio lighting on a clean and dark background... Some with both fuller lighting and some half lit images to create a little intrigue. 

Sometimes shoots just flow especially well, this was one of those. I have actually even included what was my initial test shot in the full set... and we just rolled on from there. Thank you to Alex for all of your creative ideas and studio set-up, looking forward to working again together in the future.