''Yes, I think the quiet Christmas period will be the prefect time to 'tweak' the website'' - said nobody ever.... well anyone with a sane mind anyway. It has to be said that we do not shy away from a challenge, and of course this was to be no different.

3 days later Peter and I prised our burning fingers from our smoking keyboards and emerged into 2017 with a very shiny new website. But not without drama, or a few extra wrinkles!

In truth, on closer inspection, the website really did need a complete re-think. We have come a long way in our first six months of business, in many ways, but it was our more defined and focused services which were not being reflected on the site or indeed backed up by the results from some of the incredible assignments we have had the privilege of working on.

Come the first week of January (when we had initially hoped to re-launch) the bulk of the content was in what appeared to be a logical sequence, and although we were running slightly behind schedule, I think it's fair to say we felt those 3 days of relentless clicking, dragging and dropping were entirely worth it. And so, I confidently started about taking on my first work days of 2017 (in the teeth world) thinking we'd clean up the last few details over the phone, and in the evenings before a big launch at the end of the week when I was back in the office.

I should have known there was going to be trouble when I glance a WhatsApp message from Peter while typing a patients notes.... 'Your Slugs are Wrong'.... Now I used to pride myself on being able to fit the most incredible amount of actions in to a 90-120 second gap which I endeavour to carve out between appointments.. So, in short this was not a negotiable topic until lunch time. By which time my eyes glazed when I saw 'WhatsApp: Peter McClintock | 8 New Messages'. There was more than just a slug issue....

Turns out running a site that looks impressive both on web and mobile is no simple challenge. Whilst checking on as many devices as possible we did not feel at all confident with images failing to load, appearing in random sequence and giant sized text. So, a few, long days later  (and with some virtual assistance) we have managed to change enough settings and get Facebook to scrape the page to get our new site live and ready to view!

We are still waiting on some support from our site host to get a few things running even more smoothly on mobile, so bear with us on that but we would really appreciate any feedback you have. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

And just in case you were equally as baffled by the fact the term 'slug' did not relate to 'a tough-skinned terrestrial mollusc'. When talking websites apparently a Slug is another way of describing 'user friendly URL'. Every day is a school day!

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