2.5 Years is a Long Time

Well it is in the world of drones. We bought our first in the summer of 2014 and equipped it with a GoPro to do some Aerial Photography. In the 2.5 years since then the tech has come a long way, and it is now time to retire our beloved Phantom 2, replacing it with a DJI Mavic Pro.

Drones really can give you a new perspective on the world. The image above is of Hampton Court Bridge with the Palace in the right distance.

It would be wrong not to take some time to remember some of the memorable moments we had with our first drone.

A Bushy Park Adventure

Flying drones is pretty easy, as long as you don't panic! Our first lesson, on what not to do, happened when we were doing some flying in Bushy Park. All was going swimmingly, until I was flying over a large area of ferns. Not concentrating too hard, I noticed that I was flying a bit low, and needed to make an urgent correction. Unfortunately at this point my instinct took over, and thinking to pull the joystick back to ascend, that's exactly what I did. Duh! With a drone you pull the stick back to descend, and that's obviously what the Phantom did. Right into the ferns. I tried to get a visual fix on where it went down, but it all looked the same, with no landmarks to get bearings on.

So after about an hour of painstakingly searching ferns, Hannah finally heard its dying whimpers from nearby. The blades were still trying to turn, but unable to, and just making a tiny, sad sound. It was enough, however, to find the drone, and that was a great relief. Check out the expression of mixed relief and triumph in Hannah's expression.

The Phantom had to spend a couple of days in the workshop, having a burnt out motor replaced. A lesson learned, and we never again crashed the drone.


Over the months the Phantom as travelled to Northern Ireland, and to Switzerland, when Hannah and Marcia were photographing a Ski Lodge (that would be in Switzerland, not Northern Ireland).

One of the great features of our new drone, that Marcia will appreciate, is that it is tiny. It could almost fit in your pocket, unlike the Phantom which was bulky to carry around.

But it was worth the effort.

Onwards and Upwards

We have taken delivery of our new DJI Mavic Pro, which will enable us to take the drone on more shoots, take better images, and capture 4k Video. This week I have been doing my CAA exams that grant Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), so look out for us 'droning on' with more adventures.