Following on from Part 1, we are still Droning On!  We're gearing up to add Drone Photography to CBZ Photo's capability. First, the hardware...

DJI Mavic Pro

It may seem like a small drone, and it really is, but it is very capable. As well as being fun to fly, it can capture great images along with high quality 4K video. It will be a great addition to the services we can offer to our customers, especially those that have outdoor operations, such as sports businesses, builders, and any business that wants to show off their premises and landscapes.

Training and CAA Approval

Anyone can buy a drone these days, and it seems like you can fly them anywhere. This is not the case, however. Firstly it is not legal to use a drone for commercial gain without approval from the CAA. You can't simply get cousin Dave, who got a drone for Christmas, to photograph you business, and then use that for commercial purposes. This is what the CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) approval is for. So step one for CBZ Photo is to become legally approved.

Last week I attended the PfCO training course run by Coptrz at Highfield Park, and am pleased to report that I have now passed the exam and flight test. To complete the process I am waiting for approval of the 50 page operations manual that details how we will use the drone safely and legally in our business.

Where to from here

So... next steps after approval will be to get our next pilot trained and enter the exciting world of aerial photography in earnest.

Watch this space for some exciting images and video...