Behind every photo there is a story. I took this one to illustrate a somewhat traumatic photographers tale. This tiny Sony RX100 packs a big punch, it is our 'point and shoot 'of choice and, is amazing to use behind the scenes or as a second camera on holiday BUT at the end of the day it just isn't quite the same as my workhorse A7rII.

After 6 years of working with Sony's top end mirrorless systems, I've put two bodies through their paces. They've stood on precarious mountain sides in sub-zero temperatures, been dangled over the edge of speed boats, practically drowned under monster waterfalls and endured heat infused Saharan heat ... never once to have failed on me! Which, is what makes the untimely end to my current A7rII so infuriating. An innocuous stroll back from dinner on our second night in Dubai resulted in it (the camera) and me gracefully floating through the air towards a rather spectacular water feature and, despite my best athletic abilities I was unable to sacrifice myself entirely for the life of my camera. Although initially confident in its weather sealing which, has done me proud in many situations, it would appear that a full dunk was step too far. 

Water Features, lovely but, not a cameras best friend!

Water Features, lovely but, not a cameras best friend!

So we say goodnight to Mr A7rII version 1 (plus lens) and thank our lucky stars that were insured to the hilt! A big thank you really must go out to my incredibly patient business partner, Peter. Not only was he beyond understanding, he has taken on the painful admin task of dealing with the insurance claim. The only thing he has asked for is CCTV footage of what I can only imagine would classify as £250 worth of You've Been Framed Footage. Still working on that... 

Although I am beyond gutted not to be shooting with my number one choice with such photographic potential surrounding me, I've had great fun testing out the full capabilities of the baby camera and, am immensely impressed with the quality it has produced. As the saying goes 'the best camera is the one you have with you'. It is amazing how much more you shoot in a holiday setting with a convenient set-up, as my family and friends will confirm the constant gathering and lugging of backpacks and tripods is no joke. Certainly not conducive to casual strolls, and I have certainly appreciated the light load in +40 degrees of Dubai's summer season. 

On a side note. It transpires, that I bounce and swim a lot better than my camera, I remain entirely intact and in once piece! Keep your eyes peeled for loads of travel footage and images over the next few days, we've captured lots of Dubai's luxury as well as some local adventures around the souks and creek which you can see below:

Dubai Vibes | Creek Life Video 

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