I have officially lost my tiny mind. I have signed up to run a marathon. The one thing I said I would 'never' do and it is in just 21 weeks time!

THE Race Route - 20-May-2018

THE Race Route - 20-May-2018

Over the said 21 weeks, the plan is to clock up 423 miles in 65 runs. 

So far so good, I'm feeling positive. 18 miles in over 4 runs. I mean, how hard can this possibly be? I think I'm about to find out... and things could turn sour real quick. 

Never one to run the risk of letting life get boring. It is mid January and we have just etched our business goals for 2018 in stone, which naturally are not small either, but very exciting none the less. Perfect timing to embark on this rather monumental personal challenge as well, right?

There is no turning back now. I am committed, signed up and there is no avoiding my Outlook calendar which, is brimming with entries telling me how far and fast to run. Well, it is only fair to give Peter the heads up to know when I say 'I'm off for a lunch time run' it might not be my usual 3 miler. More like 10, see you in a couple of hours.

So here we go; 26 miles I shall conquer you. Wish me luck and, lets hope these new kicks live up to their name and make me feel like I'm running 'On Cloud(s)' for the duration! Naturally, they have been paparazzi'd to within an inch of their life before they hit the road, and no doubt there will be some more fun progress photos and videos along the way. Go give us a like on your favourite social media platform to keep up with the progress. It could be entertaining.