It's less about the gear you have and more about what you do with it!

There is no denying the fact, we are absolute camera and tech junkies; we love it. Faster lenses, faster focus, faster motor drives.... we know and read about it all and, given the opportunity, we will use the very best equipment to produce the best results for our customers.

What we feel is key in equipment selection is not just the price tag, or the out of the box spec, but having the knowledge and experience to know what the best tool for the job is.  

In the case of a product shoot, you will want a pin sharp, high resolution 42 megapixel image. One that can be blown up to billboard size. One that can stretch eight metres across the side of a double decker bus. It needs a professional lighting set up to highlight its features in all their glory. This is where a mobile shot with natural lighting doesn't cut it. The image on the left has been shot with (at the time) the latest and greatest iPhone on the market in, exactly the same location as the image on the right. The difference being the image on the right has been captured under a studio lights with one of Sony's best professional cameras. The difference, is clear enough to see.

Mavic iPhone vs Sony.PNG

Absolutely nothing was lost in taking, probably the best part of an hour to set this shoot up and getting everything just how we wanted it. The subject wasn't moving and we certainly weren't expecting any spontaneity from our beloved 'Marvin the Mavic' (the drone). Our focus was detail and precision oriented. 

Sometimes though, it is not all about the bright lights and fancy equipment. 

If we're looking to capture emotion, or a moment in time, we might be shooting with one lens and concentrating on the environment, waiting for 'the' shot, it's a waiting game of patience. We could be staging shots all day, but often it's one you capture in the least likely moment that ends up being your best shot. The image below was actually captured in a break while the coffee machine was being cleaned, yet it portrays a real sense of movement around the product. Our client who we were shooting for, actually uses this image in their email signature. 


In addition to this, there are simply times when you see the perfect shot and you're knee deep in snow, or bobbing around in a thermal spa when, for whatever reason, you are not holding your prized Sony camera of dreams. However, you have an iPhone or a GoPro or, even a drone. Just because they don't have the ultimate spec it by no means should stop you from getting an absolutely epic shot. 

Very often your next best shot might be just around the corner. Photography, after all, is all about capturing the moment!

We're always shooting behind the scenes and capturing our own adventures. To keep up to date go check us out on social media, and let us know what you think. See you there!