With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve jumped on-board the wind down express to 2019 by taking some time to reflect on how our business has developed over the past 12 months. We’ve made a few significant changes to make our service offering more attractive, flexible and affordable for our clients based on understanding who our clients are, why our clients love working with us, and what makes CBZ Photo so unique.

This information has helped us come up with our latest social media campaign which we’ll be launching in the New Year and we wanted to share the concept and our thoughts behind the message we’ll be using and how it relates to the key findings from our 2018 business review.

We’ve worked with clients across a huge range of industry sectors; from World class latte artists and Olympic athletes to fine dining establishments, leather goods manufacturers and pinball machine specialists. You name it – we’ve shot it! Everything from helicopters to porridge oats and so much in between. In doing so, we’ve found that each of our clients have one glaringly obvious commonality which is a passion for authenticity and a desire to represent the identity of their brands in a way that their customers can relate to, bond with, and develop loyalty through a sense of trust.

Trust comes when a company demonstrates passion and pride in its own work. This can be proven through the use of authentic brand imagery to support marketing campaigns as opposed to relying on generic stock photos to depict a message or simply just to provide a vaguely relevant illustration for a message that doesn’t provide a visual of the ‘real thing’ – the actual staff, the actual premises, the actual product, the actual real life situation, and the actual personality of a business.

This instantly puts our clients on the same page as us. We are passionate about delivering great imagery for SME’s and business owners who are proud of their identity because we understand the influence of authenticity, especially when it comes to digital marketing and online advertising. It’s never been more powerful.

We’ve talked a lot this year on the topic of ‘being seen online’ on fast paced, overcrowded social media platforms and the most prevailing notion that has helped us re-shape our business ready for 2019 has been the reality of just how much content is posted online every day, every hour, every minute. This has strengthened our passion for delivering real content for businesses that would otherwise be using stock images, and our commitment to helping our clients stand out online by fuelling their digital marketing campaigns with great photography; reminding us that our business model and our purpose is solid.

Secondly, we’ve really heard the words ‘video is king’ more than enough times to warrant incorporating video as a service within our menu of services. We’ve seen the powerful results from video content with our own eyes and proven it time and time again for our clients. Video content is fast becoming the most popular way to deliver content online and with that nugget of gold dust, we’ve launched our new social video service as an affordable way for our clients to produce regular video content within their marketing budgets.

So, we’re looking good for 2019; we have a unique proposition, a talented team, new services and a solid vision. All we need now is a marketing campaign to kick start the New Year with a push to drive more business from new and innovative UK Brands. 

One of the things our clients love about working with CBZ Photo is the creative minds behind the lenses which ensure that we’re able to deliver high impact visuals regardless of the industry, product, service or subject we’re aiming to capture for our clients digital marketing campaigns. This is something we’re proud of and want to focus on this year as more and more businesses are struggling to get noticed amongst such a high volume of online advertising.

In nutshell, our message is this: Whatever you’re doing, make it look great…


It’s based on our proven theory that authentic content is far more engaging than generic imagery, and our passion to make this affordable for all businesses coupled with our confidence to make the most basic, everyday or even slightly boring concept look appealing. It doesn’t matter what you do, what you sell or what your message is – it can be beautifully portrayed with eye catching photography and we’d love to be challenged on that.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new campaign creative and if you have any questions about how CBZ Photo can help facilitate great content to fuel high performing digital marketing campaigns for your business, please get in touch, we’d love to tell you more about our unique and affordable Image Plan model.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak preview of what is to come in the New Year for CBZ Photo as much as we have enjoyed sharing our progress and insight.

We’ll sign off by wishing you a very Merry Christmas and here’s to a successful 2019!