If you’ve already boarded the video content train and started your journey to the land of successful video marketing, you’ve no doubt been sold by the undeniable statistics that are telling us how popular and powerful video marketing has become as a cost effective and super successful tool to advertise, educate and convert consumers. The future is video, and the future is here!

With an alarming number of consumers admitting that they’d rather watch a video than read, we are seeing more and more businesses shifting budgets and increasing their marketing spend to allow for multi-channel video marketing. For those who are new to video and currently considering ways to incorporate its use into your company marketing strategy, this blog is for you!


We’ve set out to provide some compelling inspiration by summarising the many ways our existing clients are using video to achieve numerous purposes aside from boosting sales. From increasing online conversion to reducing man hours, there really is an endless list of ways to use video within your business that will result in more sales, increased exposure, improved credibility, lower staff costs, you name it… if you have an objective, we’d love to hear about it and help you identify ways in which video can help you meet your business goals.

In the last year alone, we have seen a huge shift in spend among our client base from photography to video which we’ve been able to deliver as part of our flexible subscription model at no extra cost. This has allowed our clients to incorporate multiple videos throughout their marketing that would otherwise be limited due to cost. A cost-effective solution has meant that they’re able to consider a much bigger picture and use video across several areas of their business to achieve numerous objectives.

Here are the top ten ways our clients are using video to increase sales, improve brand credibility, reduce costs, and boost their social media engagement:  

1. Product Explainer Videos

 Ever thought about demonstrating the USP’s of your product with a product explainer video? According to a recent article on Adstage, product videos are now key at the conversion stage and 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service before making a purchase and 81% of people were convinced to make their purchase based on the videos they watched.

 2. Event Promo Videos

There’s no better way to advertise an event than by giving potential attendees an insight into what they can expect. By capturing the atmosphere and buzz of a social, corporate or training event in a short video, perfectly edited to highlight the vibe and nature of an event, you will be left with perfect content to promote your next event when the time comes. Take a look at our latest example here.

 3. Client Case Study Videos

If your clients say great things about your business, don’t keep it a secret! Many businesses post written case studies on their websites but as we established earlier, your consumers much prefer to watch videos than read pages of copy. By capturing your clients on camera telling your future customers how great you are, you’re not only adhering to your viewers preferred method for consuming content, but nothing is more credible than hearing real client stories and seeing real people tell them. Here is one of our recent favourites.

 4. Employee Introduction Videos

In today’s world, people buy from people – especially people they like! Who are the people in your business and what do they do? Short and sweet employee intro videos are a great way to increase engagement in the ‘about us’ section of your website but it doesn’t end there. This type of content is fantastic for sharing on LinkedIn and other social media platforms as a way to start relationship building before your audience become clients by sharing the personalities, knowledge, experience and skill within your teams.

 5. ‘How-To’ Videos

If ‘How to’ aren’t the two most popular words to start a Google search with then I’ll eat my hat. Everyone knows that whatever they need to know, the answer can be found with Google and more often than not, it’s in the form of a YouTube video. So what knowledge are you hiding from the world wide web? From ‘how to make the perfect coffee with a specific espresso machine’ to ‘how to improve your networking skills’, sharing small snippets of knowledge with your audience is a great way to develop a thought leadership approach in your industry and entice your audience to get in touch where you then have the perfect opportunity to convert them into clients!

 6. Social Videos

Social Videos is the term we give to a short 30-60 second video clips that make great social media content for dynamic and inspiring brands that operate in competitive markets and need a constant bank of creative and authentic content to engage their audience and set them apart from their competition. They’re especially effective in the food & drink or fitness industries where there is so much scope for creativity when it comes to video content. From short clips of colourful noodle dishes being flipped over flames in a wok, to personal trainers working out, we’ve shot a lot of this popular style of video and are confident that there is creativity to be found in EVERY industry. Here’s one of our favourites.

 7. Process Demo Videos

Does your business design, make or manufacture something using a unique skill or process? If so, why not show your audience what you do and how you do it? This type of video content can really engage your online audience and give your customers insight into your business that better equips them to talk about you. Our favourite example of a recent process demo video we shot for a client was to showcase a full car wrap being designed and installed including a time-lapse of the actual wrapping method. Take a look here.

 8. Training Videos

More and more businesses are converting from the traditional classroom style coaching/training workshop approach to delivering pre-recorded online training sessions by way of reducing costs and increasing attendance whilst providing attendees with content they can repeat and reference at a later date if required. This is especially popular with business coaches who offer group training sessions as it allows them to repeat the training course with multiple groups and free up their time to dedicate to personal 1-2-1 follow up sessions. It can also work as an effective method for delivering in-house training to employees as it’s a more flexible way of delivering training and more efficient than gathering an entire workforce for a workshop at one time, especially when someone needs to cover the phones!

 9. Time-lapse video

Speeding up footage to condense into a short video is a great way to show a lengthy event or process without your audience losing interest. This type of video works well for long events such as weekend festivals and is becoming increasingly relevant in the construction industry where multiple parties benefit from the footage of a 6 month long project which showcases the entire build of a site in a short video, from digging the foundations to opening the doors. Take a look at one we completed recently here.

10. Corporate Updates

Being personal and building employee relationships is an important part of improving the culture of a business and we’ve recently seen an increase in the format used to deliver company updates from an MD or CEO to a large workforce from written emails to video. Many businesses send monthly company updates on email to their employees but there’s no better way to add that personal touch and show the face and personality behind a business than to talk on camera instead of type a long email.

If you’re considering introducing video into your marketing activity, get in touch with CBZ Photo for more creative inspiration and ideas on how video works best in your industry at peter@cbzphoto.com