I'm sitting on the Hammersmith fly-over, crawling in to London once again, and while the haze from the exhaust fumes fill most of my view there isn't a lot else to do except fall victim to those opportune marketers, and gaze up at the sea of gigantic billboards. What do I 'need' to buy next? 

Well, as it turns out, I take these chances to admire the level of detail that has gone in to producing the images which fill these spaces. Even the most simple of shots must be given credit for precision, after all there is no room for error when you are creating an advert big enough to see from half a mile out.  On a side note, this is not to say I'm not a sucker for some genius advertising at the same time. I've sat there many times finding myself almost salivating over a bottle of, very expensive looking whiskey, despite my best efforts I absolutely cannot stand the stuff. Yet, I'm considering another valiant effort of a taste test based on this one impressive image.

Of course, not everyone will be looking at these through my 'geeky' glasses. However, in terms of marketing and product images we are all attracted to clean lines, crisp, bright and shiny images. All be it, very often subconsciously, these attributes culminate to create an image that pops in front of your eyes and ultimately provoke the 'I want it' feeling. 

Like any photography, you could just shoot your product with your trusty iPhone, but are you really doing it justice? Likelihood is, you have spent endless hours of time and money honing and toning your fabulous product. Do you really want to let it down at the last, arguably, most important hurdle with a substandard image? 

Aside from my personal affection with photographing landscape and travel images, product photography has shot to the top of my list. The combination of perfecting focus detail with creative product placements suit my pixel-peeping artistic visions down to the ground. While with a lot of other shooting I edit to a relatively minimalistic level, product shoots do require a little more TLC after the event. My aim, is always to create a super clean and sharp image which reflects the subject in the best possible light. Shoots can range from simple white background set-ups, to more elaborate post processing productions, but what should be said is they are not quick jobs. However, with correct planning and organising we are delighted with some of the results from recent product shoots. 

Now, for the purposes of my personal social media, I hold my hands up to shooting, on a fairly regular basis with my iPhone. Some of the shots are pretty decent, if I do say so myself, and I love being able to capture the moment on the hoof. I wouldn't be without Apple's latest camera technology. Coming in with a massive 'but' here, there is no way in a million years I'd fancy shooting any product with it... well, certainly not one I wanted to take the world by storm with! It just would not be up to the challenge but more importantly the planning of lighting, backgrounds, production and post-processing capabilities are essential in product photography.

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