Alex Crockford is the brains and body behind online phenomenon #CROCKFIT, which is helping people transform their bodies across the world. As a personal trainer, Alex recognised the limitations on how many people he could motivate to get fitter, which ultimately led to, home of #CROCKFIT. He is also a fitness model and has appeared on the covers of myriad health and fitness magazines, so is no stranger to being photographed, but it was a chance meeting on Twitter that led him to Hannah Young from CBZ Photography. Alex takes up the story:

“I’ve worked with many different photographers who specialised in different styles; some are more the physical fitness modelling - like ripped photos to others that were more underwear an arty. However, I wanted something fresh for my website and appealed on Twitter and Hannah responded.

I wanted something fresh for my website

“We chatted on email first and what impressed me the most was the flexibility in asking me what I was looking to do, and the confidence she had to say: ‘yeah, we can we can do that, and anything any ideas you have I'm sure we could figure it out’.  Then when she came to my flat and set up the studio equipment, and honestly, I wasn’t sure it was going to work, it was very small. But Hannah set everything up confidently and took a few test shots before the shoot proper. They were amazing. You'd have no idea you were in my cramped living room, it looks like I mean some quality studio.

“Hannah understood the brief for my new website, which is just one style very basic, two colours and very clean and she created the same with shoot; it’s her photos in every single page of the site. I have so many photographs I could choose from, but Hannah captured what I was looking for and for my brand and her photos are the best fit, definitely.

                   The new home page of CROCKFIT -

                   The new home page of CROCKFIT -

“She understood my branding and when I spoke about social media too; she understood what I do and would have that in mind when setting up the right lighting, so it wouldn’t be too harsh or intimidating for my customers.

“I think there is a good chance I will use Hannah again. I know that CBZ offer an ongoing service which could be great for updating photos or having a couple of hours shoot to get some specific shots; then there is no doubt that I'll have her in mind for those kinds of things.

“That is significant. I have that same kind of relationship with a few other photographers who cater for different styles or look for whether it is like the, the body building body shots or whether it's the artistic editorial underwear shots. Actually, it is very significant the fact is she my number one choice to go back to.

“No surprise I would one hundred percent I recommend her to others completely and I would give them faith that all they need to do is ask her or tell her, what they are looking to do, and she can accommodate that. Hannah is talented and I think she just really flexible with her abilities, so that people can just have faith in that. For me, ultimately the skill delivered the exact product I wanted, the right photos.

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