Hannah Barrow is a personal fitness trainer, and swimming coach. She is opening up a new business and needs images for her website, marketing and social media. Expanding her work into new areas, she needs to be able to present and illustrate the additional disciplines.

Hannah is bright, outgoing and confident, but is the first to admit that her worst nightmare is posing in front of the camera and being photographed.

I heard about CBZ Photo through a friend who had also used them for web and social media images for her business, and who recommended them highly.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I certainly didn’t expect the photoshoots to be such a good laugh. Hannah Young, CBZ Photo’s photographer, made the sessions fun and completely put me at ease. I quickly became comfortable working with her, and I can’t believe how good she made me look. The images from the shoots exceeded my expectations and will be great illustrations of my work for the website.

I was really pleased with the creativity Hannah put into the work. I just got on with my coaching, and Hannah was so often not where I expected her to be, sometimes she would be on the floor, sometimes she would pop up from behind equipment, shooting all sorts of positions to create really unique images. I love that she is always looking at things from different angles to create interest.

In terms of quality, the images that I got were absolutely gorgeous. I’m very lucky to work outside a lot, and Hannah really used this to advantage.
Having experienced a number of photoshoots with CBZ Photo, there is nowhere else I would go for further work. I have been particularly pleased with the quantity of images I received from the shoots. It was an ideal combination of fun, creative imagery, and value, that will keep me coming back for more work as my business develops.


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