We have designed CBZ Photo Images plans to enhance our relationships with customers, help us better understand their needs and most importantly, deliver images that truly reflect their business. An Image Plan is an ongoing relationship between us and our client. A monthly fee allows us to deliver regular content throughout the year, whether a product or service industry, we revel in a creative challenge.


benefits of an image plan

CBZ Photo is so easy to buy from. You know your costs for the year, and the guarantee removes the risk!
— Caroline O'Connor - Commercial Director, Phyllis Court Club
  • Budgeting. The monthly fee allows for easy and manageable planning. All Image Plans also have a built in discount in recognition of the ongoing commitment

  • Relationship. The core of our business is based around getting to know our customers and their businesses. We want to get to know you, what you like and, of course, what you don't. Your business is personal, and we strive to reflect this in our images.

  • Flexibility. Plans are based on credits and can be topped up with additional photography or post-processing hours at the same discount level as the Image Plan

  • Guarantee. If you are not satisfied then neither are we. We will work with you until we get it right. In the rare instance we cannot achieve this, we will offer a full refund. So there really is no risk.





BRONZE | £250 PER MONTH - 24 Credits per year

SILVER | £450 PER MONTH - 48 Credits per year

GOLD | £600 PER MONTH - 72 Credits per year

EG. A full day photoshoot with post processing is 6 credits.
A-la-carte menu for full credit service pricing


Image Plan Clients

To give you an idea of how an Image Plan could be used, find out how we work with some of our clients below.