We've Got An Idea for You...

You have the perfect client. The marketing strategy is set. The copy is flowing. But, where do you find an image to headline their latest campaign. Whether it be for their website, social media or direct mail, it has to reflect this message and their brand. In a saturated digital world, generic stock images no longer cut it, no matter their quality. Your clients need a bank of bespoke 'stock' images.  Let us help you market your client better with creative images which are unique to their business. 

They will love you and, you will soon love us. It is a win-win!  Let us tell you how we can help you:

We have designed CBZ Photo Images plans to enhance our relationships with customers, help us better understand their needs and most importantly, deliver images that truly reflect their business. An Image Plan is an ongoing relationship between us and our client. A monthly fee allows us to deliver regular content throughout the year. How much, depends on the plan level. For further details, check out the link below but here are few highlights we feel could really benefit you:

  • Save time trawling stock sites for mediocre images, create stock banks for your customers. 
  • Plans can flex throughout the year to match your customer's activity including: product, events, facilities and everything in between.
  • All plans have a built in discount in recognition of the commitment and allow for manageable monthly payments

Why We Want to Work with You...

  • Our Image Plans make it easy for you to either contract with us directly or re-sell our services to your clients. They are easy to budget, create limited overheads and are entirely flexible.

  • We pride ourselves in creating high quality images for marketing campaigns, we want them to be used to their best potential and are passionate about supporting successful campaigns. In collaborating with you, we can add value to your existing proposition.

  • We want to get it right for you. Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we'll work with you until we get 'the' shot. So, there really is no risk. 

  • You work with clients who have a drive and desire to create attractive marketing content that works, we want to be a part of that. Whether they are in a product or service industry, we revel in a creative challenge. 
CBZ Photo is so easy to buy from. You know your costs for the year, and the guarantee removes the risk!
— Caroline O'Connor - Commercial Director, Phyllis Court Club