At the end of each year, each Microsoft business holds a close meeting to report on achievements, celebrate the success, and recognise the individuals who have contributed throughout the year.

With the responsibility of much of the logistics of the event Lisa Wakely, needs a photographer to cover the event and the celebrations. Having worked with Peter McClintock previously, she knew of CBZ Photography and contracted them to cover both the communications event at the Comedy Store in London and later at Waxy O'Connors.

''I needed a photographer who could cover the events, but not get in the way. We needed to convey the celebratory feel of the close event with a set of images that could be used in many different contexts''

''One thing that was critical, was the number of key images needed to be ready for the next day, so that they could be used in a Kick-Off meeting, back at Thames Valley Park''.

CBZ Photo decided on an approach with two photographers. While one concentrated on the on-stage activity, the other could capture the audience reaction.

''This was an assignment with a number of challenges'', said Peter. ''The Comedy Store was extremely dark, and we needed to avoid flash if we were to remain unobtrusive and capture the atmosphere. Later at Waxy O'Conner's, the venue was so crowded that there was hardly room to love, let alone pose people in to groups. It really tested our skills to the max. We used a balcony to shoot down on some of the groups to provide a different perspective and create a sense of energy''.

Key images were needed for the next day

Hannah and Peter at CBZ Photo woeked that evening to delivery over 90 images and followed up with an additional 50, the following dat. ''Everyone loved the images, and many of them are still being used, several months later''.

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