CBZ Photography will own copyright on any photos taken, or video captured, unless there is a specific agreement that assigns the copyright to another party.

The payment charged is for the photographer’s time and the agreement of a number of images, or video footage. The copyright to the photos and video will remain with the photographer, and therefore any reproduction without permission would be an infringement of copyright. 

  • In the case of personal assignments, we will grant the client an unlimited, perpetual licence to use and reproduce the images or video for non-commercial purposes.
  • For commercial work, we will grant the client a licence to use the images and/or video in connection with agreed projects. The licence will have a grant of 5 years.

Information on UK Copyright Law can be found here.

Model Release

Unless otherwise agreed subjects being photographed will be required to sign a model release, which will grant CBZ Photography the right to use the images in pursuit of its business. The model release used is based on the form provided by the Royal Photographic Society.

Clarity of Expectations

We believe that it is important that both the Client and CBZphoto have agreed expectations of any services to be delivered, as a basis for satisfaction with the results. We will therefore provide a quotation for all work that will refer to our Service Descriptions. Any variations from our standard Service Descriptions will be confirmed in writing along with the quotation. You can download a copy of our Standard Service Descriptions here: 


We guarantee the artistic style and technical quality of all work performed — that it is consistent with work of a similar nature represented on this website, blog and galleries. We do not promise style or quality that is not currently represented here, or for quality that may be compromised due to circumstances beyond the photographer's control—including, but not limited to, client cooperation and expectations.

Nevertheless if any client is not satisfied with the work provided we will refund all charges, less actual expenses incurred. If you are not satisfied then neither are we.