Sanremo UK Ltd are the sole UK distributor of Sanremo espresso machines and coffee grinders. More than that, they are a young and talented team of coffee aficionados, bringing stunning design, coupled with Italian flair and innovation to the UK attention.

CBZ photography first came to the attention of Sanremo UK Managing Director, Andrew Tucker at a chance meeting at the London Coffee Festival with CBZ’s Hannah Young.

Sanremo, were looking to supplement their social media marketing with high quality product and on-location imagery that would capture the very essence of the brand.


Having been impressed by CBZ’s image portfolio, Sanremo UK commissioned CBZ to provide ongoing image content for social media and website marketing through an Image Plan that would provide the platform for nurturing a long-term collaborative relationship.

Working with Sanremo’s in-house Copywriter meant CBZ Photo could develop an outstanding understanding of the client and a creative synergy between words and imagery.

This ensured the highest quality and consistency of marketing content was achieved, above and beyond ad-hoc ‘snaps’ taken by the Sanremo UK team and stock photos.


“ We looked at CBZ's portfolio which was very impressive. Hannah was very nice and personable and immediately I could gain a sense she was a good fit for our organisation, our values and there was a good potential to develop an excellent working relationship together. ” 

Andrew Tucker, Managing Director – Sanremo UK



“I quickly learned there was an optimal point of the (coffee) extraction process - you’re looking for a marbling through the pour with a rich flowing colour. The biggest thing that makes this work is that we are working on an ongoing basis, we’ve come a long way from the first shoot in both getting to know one another”

Hannah Young, CBZ Photography


CBZ Photo's ability to evaluate each image – each scenario, with acute attention to detail has been critical in capturing not just great images, but ‘perfect images’.

Capturing the perfect image is all about the timing – the split second that allows the authentic colour of the coffee to translate itself through CBZ's photography.


“ What continues to appeal to us about CBZ, is their approach and plans allow for a relationship to develop where over time, they gain an excellent understanding of what we want and what works best (achieves the best outcomes), and likewise, we gain a better understanding of what we want ourselves. ” 

CBZ’s monthly image plan has allowed CBZ to gain a terrific insight into the culture and values of Sanremo UK.

With the majority of photography taking place in Sanremo’s showroom, in Hackney, East London; images are infused with the natural rustic ambience of the location, providing a perfect- compliment to the machines, the coffee, and the passion.

“The whole Sanremo team get involved with every shoot, and go to any lengths to help capture the perfect shot”

“ We were very impressed with the photography plans which enabled us to guarantee time every month to dedicate to high quality photography for our products which would translate into our marketing. ”


CBZ’s unique image plans have allowed an ongoing relationship with Sanremo to develop in a way, one off projects would not allow.

This has translated into the quality of the imagery where ‘great’ is simply enough.

“It’s great to enjoy a continuing relationship with likeminded creative people. The machines are beautiful, and lend themselves to a genuinely moody style. But working together, the use of subtle ambient lighting has allowed us to better capture the feel and nuances of the machines.”


“ I've been extremely happy with the output, even in the short time we've been working with CBZ Photo - it's given us a means where we don't have to rely on our own staff taking photos in-house, and, as a result allow our product and location photography to have a consistent feel and quality regardless of where the photos are taken. ”

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