We combined our photography and design skills to team up with Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA) to create a promotional piece for National Air Ambulance Week. The objective was to design an advert suitable for printing to large format to sit on the side and rear of Reading Buses. TVAA had a clear tag line in mind to reflect their core values for this campaign, 'Bringing the Hospital to the Roadside'. We worked in collaboration with them to bring this message to life with visual poster.. Special attention was placed on quality of resolution throughout the project in order to meet printing standards of the final piece which, was 8x1 metres. 

There was a heavy emphasis placed on the post-processing and design of the advert but it all stemmed from an initial shoot which was carefully planned with the end result in mind. Below, you can see the various stages we went through to achieve four variations of the final design. Included are some extra bonus shots we took of the crew beside their helicopter and, some behind the scenes shots and footage to give you an insight into the process. 


TVAA Super Rear Final Chloe.jpg
TVAA Streetliner Syed Final.jpg


For all of the behind the scenes info' be sure to check out this video and our blog covering more detail. 

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