Twenty One Twelve offers the ultimate marketing service for luxury brands. Its aim is to be the foremost innovator of growth within the luxury industry. Whether a business is looking to generate more leads and sales, or gain greater brand exposure, Twenty One Twelve's meticulous service focuses on delivering exceptional return on investment.

Twenty One Twelve believes that marketing is an investment, not an expense and has made it its mission to develop, nurture and help brands reach their full potential.


CBZ Photography’s first engagement with Twenty One Twelve was through a Referral Networking Group in Henley-on-Thames. Henry McIntosh (Director of Twenty One Twelve) was referred to CBZ as a photography company specialising in social media. Curious as to how CBZ could enhance Twenty One Twelve's client portfolios, Henry visited CBZ’s website. Loving their imagery and intrigued to find out more, Henry set up a  meeting. The meeting was a positive one which led to Twenty One Twelve signing up to CBZ’s Bronze Image Plan, commissioning CBZ to create images for Twenty One Twelve's clients, as and when needed. The relationship had begun…

“CBZ’s portfolio made us confident they could consistently deliver the high-quality content our eclectic client base requires. Aside from their portfolio, meeting Hannah was reassuring. We instantly built a rapport and I felt this was someone we could trust and would enjoy collaborating with.”
— Henry Mclntosh - Director, Twenty One Twelve Marketing

With an Image Plan brief to capture lifestyle product images with a social media influencer, CBZ worked over several locations to capture a range of product lines with different looks. During a London based shoot, CBZ captured the exquisite quality and feel of luxury leather products while focusing on the hand-crafted precision behind the products in the Birmingham factory shoot that followed. Shooting Images for a systems technology company took Hannah and Peter on a journey through swimming pools, offices and cinema rooms to ensure the highest quality images were captured for Twenty One Twelve to launch their marketing campaign.

“CBZ has added a lot of value to Twenty One Twelve as an agency. After one year we’re now on the top Image Plan, and our clients now rely on CBZ’s expertise to guide luxury product and lifestyle photography.”
— Henry Mclntosh - Director, Twenty One Twelve Marketing

Working in tandem, wide and tight angles were easily covered, and nothing went unnoticed by the CBZ team with every image scrutinised to ensure Twenty One Twelve were presented with the very best images available. Image plans offered Twenty One Twelve the ability to utilise expert photography for clients at short notice. As a result, bureaucracy was reduced to ensure meticulous planning at every stage of the process.

“The evolution of the briefing process with Twenty One Twelve prior to shooting was essential to ensure we delivered exactly what our client wants. There is never enough learning to be done in the briefing process. “ (Hannah Young, CBZ Photo).

“CBZ’s ability to blend disparate qualities sets them apart from other photographers. It is rare to find photographers who complement truly creative talent with a professional mindset. CBZ are incredibly easy to work with – they always turn up and deliver projects on time, are personable and presentable and above all else they bring expertise and creativity in abundance.”
— Henry Mclntosh - Twenty One Twelve Marketing

Recent projects have enabled Twenty One Twelve to provide a “more full service to luxury brands.” Since the collaboration began, Twenty One Twelve has upgraded to CBZ’s Gold Image Plan. This has provided increased agility in responding to time-sensitive campaigns. Working with CBZ has enabled Twenty One Twelve to provide another  touch-point with potential new clients, while helping to build even better relationships with existing clients. The collaboration provides Twenty One Twelve with outstanding results and happy clients, even when the briefs have been challenging.


“Capturing such a wide range of product lines, with so many different ‘looks’, at a number of luxury locations has enabled us to provide a diverse and vibrant library of images that can be used for social media campaigns." (Hannah Young, CBZ Photo).

Great locations and luxury brands have provided CBZ with the perfect platform to showcase their capabilities while the relationship with Twenty One Twelve continues to be a successful and fruitful partnership.

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