Natascha Zeller is the owner of Zeller Yoga, and, as well as being the Resident Yogi at Bodyholiday in St Lucia, she co-runs Yoga/Pilates retreats at Hamilton Lodge, in the majestic Swiss Alps. It was her requirement to capture and illustrate these retreats, that brought Natascha to CBZ Photography.

''I wanted to capture the feel of a yoga class in the Swiss Alps and, at the same time, convey my own approach to yoga, which is summarised in my strap-line: inner calm silent strength'

The mountains are an amazing place to practice yoga and I wanted to reflect that, both on my website, and also on social media
— Natascha - Zeller Yoga

Natascha also appreciated Hannah's creativity and direction, ''my favourite shot, which is used on my Facebook page and also on the Bodyholiday site, is one where Hannah persuaded me to have my hair tied back. Usually, I'm not keen but she convinced me and now it is my favourite''

In my logo, I have a strap-line, 'inner calm and silent strength', I think that, this image puts that across''

''My favourite headshot is one that was completely Hannah's idea. She suggested that we go out to the barn and I rest my head in my hands. I love that, it is such a lovely shot.

The images were fantastic, I was really pleased with them

It may not have been the most obvious thing to bring a photographer from the UK for a photoshoot in the Swiss Alps, but Natascha was more than happy with both the results and the value from the session.

Hannah used a drone to capture the location of the ski lodge in the snow-covered mountains and captured Natasha's yoga approach with both inside and outdoor photoshoots. Images from all these shoots now illustrate Natascha's website, her work in St Lucia, social media and help promote the ongoing Yoga Retreats in Switzerland.

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